In time turbochargers will fail from wear and tear. 3rd Coast Turbos offers service and repair for any turbocharger. From small gasoline engines to big rig 18 wheeler diesels. You may send your turbo to us for a free quote. We will tear it down, thoroughly examine, diagnose and provide an estimate for you all for FREE. Our basic rebuild pricing starts at $365.00 (Depending on the type of turbocharger) plus shipping.

A Basic Rebuilt Involves the Following:

  • Complete tear down & inspection
  • Sandblasting and cleaning
  • Any machining needed
  • Check and verify for proper shaft straightness
  • 3 step balancing process
  • -step 1 (balance compressor wheel)
  • -step 2 (balance turbine wheel)
  • -step 3 (balance both together and rotating parts as assembly)
  • New repair kit
  • -(Bearings, o-rings, thrust bearing, piston rings, seal plate and thrust collar)
  • Reassembly


We recommend you use UPS or FedEx for shipping your turbo to us. 3rd Coast Turbos is not responsible for any lost or damages caused by shipping to and from our location. Please remember to include your repair form in the box with your turbocharger! If you do not want to proceed with your turbocharger in getting serviced or repaired we will ship your turbo back to you for the freight cost only.