In time turbochargers will fail from wear and tear. 3rd Coast Turbos offers service and repair for any turbocharger. From small gasoline engines to big rig 18 wheeler diesels. You may send your turbo to us for a free quote. We will tear it down, thoroughly examine, diagnose and provide an estimate for you all for FREE.

Current CAFE standards have pushed auto makers to increase fuel economy on new vehicles. With the rapid introduction of new smaller displacement turbocharged engines, consumers get V8 power while maintaining V6 fuel economy. Here are some industry predictions for turbochargers by 2020

A Basic Rebuilt Involves the Following

• Complete tear down & inspection
• Sandblasting and cleaning
• Any machining needed
• Check and verify for proper shaft straightness
• 3 step balancing process
• New repair kit
• Reassembly
Rotating Journal and thrust bearing 100% tested to meet OE performance
Includes complete gasket kit foe ease of installation
Turbo vacuum-operated actuator diaphragm constructed with high-grade rubber material to resist heat fatigue